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Welcome to the Winter edition of Water & Sewerage Journal

Marie Roberts

Marie Roberts
Editor at Water & Sewerage Journal

The expert articles in this issue of Water & Sewerage Journal range from hydrology to streetworks, and from ultraviolet disinfection to...

Cumbria floods: The expected impacts of climate change on river flooding

David Ramsbottom

David Ramsbottom
Technical Director, Flood Management at HR Wallingford

Scientists are cautious about linking the apparent increase in extreme rainfall events with climate change because the climate is naturally...

COP21 comment: "Wholesale changes to business plans need to be made – quickly"

Dr Julia Meaton
Senior Lecturer in Sustainability at The University of Huddersfield

Dr Julia Meaton from the University of Huddersfield’s Centre for Sustainable and Resilient Communities warns of the dangers of complacency...

More spirit and less letter of the law needed for waste efficiency

David Burton, policy director, ecosurety

David Burton
policy director at ecosurety

An approach with ‘more spirit and less letter’ of the law is needed to bring about waste efficiency.

Marie Roberts on Water & Sewerage Journal, Issue 3, 2015

Marie Roberts
Editor at Water & Sewerage Journal

Welcome to this bumper edition of Water & Sewerage Journal, complete with its annual buyers guide directory.

Investment opportunities 'heating up' for district network

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive, Zero Waste Scotland

Iain Gulland
Chief Executive at Zero Waste Scotland

The heat is on to develop capacity for low carbon heat and support the expansion of district heat networks across Scotland, with the support of...

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