A zero-carbon treehouse featuring over 400 wildlife-friendly plants has been created on a former cargo crane, Crane 29, on Bristol’s Harbourside. Created and built by nature-inspired holiday company Canopy & Stars with the help of DIY and garden supplier B&Q, the low-impact structure was built in just three weeks following three years of planning and design.

Originally built in the 1950s, Crane 29 is the only one remaining of 40 industrial cranes that used to line Bristol’s city docks until they closed to commercial traffic in 1975.

The treehouse project has seen the crane transformed into an eco-friendly, sustainable sensory experience, boasting extravagant greenery throughout. One interior wall is lined with shelves of plants and the roof is teeming with more than 50 wildlife-friendly planters filled with 400 pollinators including wild ferns, grasses and herbs to attract bees and butterflies.

Created by Bower House Construction using B&Q’s sustainable materials and planting advice, the low-impact build will be a feature in Bristol’s skyline until late September 2017, before disappearing without a trace.

B&Q recently published a report, The Nature of Gardens, following a YouGov survey, which examines how every outdoor space, no matter its size, can deliver benefits for wildlife. The report also confirmed the benefits of nature for public wellbeing and long-term mental and physical health.

For the chance to stay overnight and experience the green haven at Crane 29, prospective guests have to register for a ballot at Canooy & Stars/Crane 29 by 3 July. All profits will go to the environmental charity Friends of the Earth.

Photo: Iris Thorsteinsdottir