Europe’s first facility which recovers nutrients from wastewater to produce a high-value fertiliser has been opened in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Waterboard (Vallei & Veluwe) worked with two partners - Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technology and Eliquo Water & Energy - on the factory to produce commercial fertiliser.

Phillip Abrary, co-founder and CEO of Ostara, said: “We are very excited to have partnered with Dutch Waterboard and Eliquo to provide the technology to effectively recover nutrients at their Amersfoort facility. Their efforts have allowed us to create a sustainable phosphorous fertiliser that will be produced locally and sold in the Netherlands, as the highest beneficial reuse of an existing resource.”

The factory is designed to treat more than 8,000 metres3 of water each day, and has approximately 12,000 tonnes of dry sludge being treated annually; the facility was facing high operational costs for energy consumption and processing costs for sludge disposal.

Ostara work to protect water resources by changing the way cities manage nutrients in wastewater streams while Eliquo design, build and maintain multi-technology solutions for sludge treatment energy, and nutrient recovery in the municipal wastewater treatment sector.