The UK Government has confirmed that it is withdrawing the £1 billion ring-fenced capital budget for development of carbon capture and storage (...

How will industry deliver the recommended 57 per cent reduction in carbon emissions by 2030?

UK advised to commit to 57 per cent emissions reduction by 2030

Publishing its fifth carbon budget, the UK Committee on Climate Change has said the Government should continue on the lowest-cost path towards the...

Amber Rudd MP, Minister for Energy

Amber Rudd: New Direction for UK Energy speech in full

On 18 November Energy Minister Amber Rudd set out the UK Government’s Energy Policy for the future as follows.



David Burton, policy director, ecosurety

by David Burton
policy director at ecosurety

More spirit and less letter of the law needed for waste efficiency

"An approach with ‘more spirit and less letter’ of the law is needed to bring about waste efficiency."


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