A Japanese company has invented a new type of rechargeable battery that can be charged using tap water. In future we could all be charging our...

Aerial photograph of Cuadrilla site.

Cuadrilla could be kyboshed in Lancashire, ‘disappointment’ at local decision

Lancashire County Council has published its recommendations on the applications by oil and gas company Cuadrilla to explore for shale gas at...

Ed Davey said the district and heat network market is expected to rise to around £530m this year.

£7m heat network funding winners announced

A project combining solar and heat pump technology in Exeter and a scheme trialling super-insulated pipes in West Cumbria are just two of the 17...



by Nigel Blackaby
at PennWell

Europe's energy transition: Secure power for a sustainable economy

"Technological and commercial innovation is accelerating as the European power market reaches the vital nexus between renewable and traditional..."


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